e-Company Car workshop series | workshop day at EUREF-Campus in Berlin at October 28th 2021

What is keeping companies from electrifying their fleets? Which solutions can facilitate the transformation and what impact has this progress e.g. on the role of fleet managers?

Just an excerpt of the topics the team of e-Company Car workshop series addressed throughout the last year, in a series of virtual meetings which now culminated in the live session in Berlin. A lively exchange, bringing together competence and experience from different angles, like industry and consultancy, automotive/leasing and suppliers, power and oil industry, and the “internal customers” from fleet management.

The proven team with its members consisting of representatives from Alphabet, Audi Planung, Berlin Hyp, EnBW, Total Energies, Vattenfall and Webasto expressed their delight about the opportunity for the physical encounter in this round after the COVID-19 restrictions which made earlier live sessions impossible or at least inadvisable.

Figure 1: the e-Company Car team at EUREF-Campus in Berlin

The results from recent sessions processed and in mind, the organization team from acondas, acteriance and receeda elaborated topics to be selected and detailed in two working sessions throughout the day. For example the necessary development of the fleet manager role, how to create full TCO transparency on the electrification process or requirements on internal change management to reach a buy-in from employees on the mobility transition.

The working sessions were performed with great spirit and an understanding for the complexity of the topic. Always very supportive is the team mixture with existent e-CC users, representatives from companies with already significant electrification rate in the fleet, e-mobility solution providers and company representatives still facing the whole process starting with the management decision.

Figure 2: working sessions on solutions for the challenges of fleet electrification

After the presentation of the results, the team expressed their motivation to continue in this setup and make use of the opportunity to discuss topics in the context of fleet electrification. The event concluded with a joint dinner in the restaurant of the old forge event location at the EUREF-Campus. We thank all colleagues and team members who made this event such a success.