Electrification of commercial fleets

The conversion to electrified vehicles is becoming more and more important for commercial fleets. In addition to tax benefits for the acquisition and maintenance of electrified vehicles, connected charging and billing solutions also lower the barriers to conversion.

The selection of the vehicle fleet, the charging infrastructure and the intended charging locations – at the workplace, at public charging stations or at the employee’s home – all play a role. The realization concept has to be developed under consideration of technical/infrastructural, billing specific, fiscal and legal aspects. Thus, the conversion can be designed with as little friction as possible and the subsequent operation of the electrified fleet can be made cost- and process-efficient.

It is our concern to develop an efficient transformation approach, tailored to your objectives and circumstances. Together we will arrive at an individual EV fleet charging solution for your company or a consistent offer for your commercial target customers.

With our many years of experience in the development of solutions and use cases in emobility, we contribute to your success. We bring a market overview of available solutions, clarify open issues and develop the optimal setup for your usage profile.