“Go-to-market”: rollout management for innovative and modular products and services

Implementation and rollout phases for a product or service are challenging stages. Especially when heterogeneous target customer groups with differentiated demand behavior and from culturally different regions are simultaneously on the roadmap. Hence it is important that team members, suppliers, and other stakeholders to work together in planning, coordination, and control processes. We are happy to support your internal project management in a coordinating and advisory capacity.

For the product itself, the modular design helps to serve different requirements and preferences. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” approach often results in “nothing fits” in reality. This challenge can be met with real or simulated modularity.

If a real modularity in product design cannot be implemented efficiently, this can be simulated by sales and marketing in many cases. By tailoring communication and emphasizing use cases that are appropriate for the individual market, it is possible to achieve a buy-in from your own local sales force on one hand, and effectively address your target customers on the other. The corresponding knowledge about applicability and customer preferences in the target markets is assumed. We would be happy to contribute our practical experience in these areas to your upcoming rollout.

Sales processes are usually aligned and optimized for the products of the existing core business. Innovative product components or immaterial services in an otherwise hardwaredriven product environment often pose a challenge for sales. These need to be solved and the process structure has to be adapted, often in parallel to an ongoing market launch. Here we create solutions and provide operative support in temporary rollout management.

Thanks to our many years of experience in accompanying “go-to-market” processes and differentiated market observations, we can support you before, during and after the market launch phase of your product or service. After all, we are happy to continue to be available as a sparring partner for further development.