Receeda statement

Receeda GmbH deals with topics before they reach a broad audience. We are committed to progress and want to create something new out of the ongoing change process without necessarily questioning all existent solutions.

Before the accelerated nuclear phase-out in Germany after Fukushima in 2011, we were already working on the implementation of the energy change and the time after. For example, the kind of contribution that smart energy can make when energy production becomes more volatile with the expansion of renewables.

When the first small wave of the new electric mobility emerged in 2010-2014 and the discussion about range and charging infrastructure gathered momentum, we focused on the intelligent networking of electric mobility and the energy market. We asked ourselves what contribution electric mobility can make to the system integration of renewable energy and collaborated on the development of connected charging services for electric vehicles.

After it became apparent from 2015 onwards that plug-in hybrids will play a key role as a bridging technology for the mass market in the medium term, we considered together with our customers how to motivate drivers of PHEVs to charge and drive purely electric vehicles.

In this way PHEVs can contribute better to their role as accelerator for purely electric mobility. The result was an incentive system that rewards PHEV drivers for driving purely electrically, combined with automated zero-emission driving in city centers. Today, Android Automotive represents a new breakthrough in the automotive sector.

Noticed, but not yet widely distributed. Recognized, but the disruptive potential is not yet evaluated everywhere. We are already there.

And we continue to make our contribution to the progress and its implementation in the areas of new energy, new mobility and digital connection of sectors.