mobility. renewables. connected.

The spread of electric mobility, the expansion of renewable energy and an increasing decentralized power generation lead to a new type of connection between the mobility world and the energy world.
The future has already begun, and it requires designers.


Receeda GmbH is specialized in innovative topics with a focus on the intelligent networking of new mobility and renewable energy in a digital context. We create new concepts, design new products, accompany the implementation and support the operative marketing. We collaborate on major changes and join our clients on their path to success step by step.


Depending on the individual needs, we can partially or fully accompany your development. From strategic planning and conceptual design, to detailed operational implementation of new application models we develop specific and innovative use cases in the field of new mobility and smart energy up to comprehensive smart & green city concepts.


Our customers are usually at the beginning or in the process of expansion and thus in the development of their core business towards new offers and fields of activity. These include established and new players from the automotive and energy sectors, the construction industry and public institutions such as cities and municipalities.