Martin Richter

After completing my business administration studies at the University of Bayreuth in 2008, I spent several months working as a volunteer on environmental protection projects in various Costa Rican national parks. In the course of my work there, I thought about the industries in which I could contribute to a more sustainable world. A more resource-saving energy supply and environmentally friendly mobility seemed to be two important building blocks for this. I thus began my professional career in the internal consulting department of an international energy company, where I focused on the future of energy and its ecosystem. Mobility in general and the automotive sector in particular have been my hobby since childhood.

Fortunately, the new trend towards electric mobility and its future impact on the energy system combined both areas of interest.

In order to be able to concentrate fully on these topics and help shape the new field at an early stage, I set up my own business in 2012. I worked as a freelancer until 2018, when I cofounded Receeda GmbH, whose content focus reflects my interest and commitment in the areas described above.

Privately, I am a passionate father, have rediscovered my love of running, enjoy getting to know new places and people around this world and indulge my passion for historic automobility with my 1971 Chevrolet. Because only those who see the old vehicles and their character with their hearts can carry their emotionality into the new mobility.


Janine Brüssing

As early as 2012, I focused on the topics of new mobility, energy and innovation management during my Master’s studies at the Swiss University of Fribourg, and deepened my expertise through my collaboration with the Swiss energy company, Alpiq Holding.

As a freelancer I was later responsible for the successful market preparation and implementation of innovative digital services for electric vehicles in the premium automotive sector, combining know-how from the worlds of energy and mobility.

The preservation of our environment and our wonderful planet is very close to my heart. We are at a turning point in time, in which it is important to think long-term. New mobility and energy concepts are undoubtedly one of the most important topics of the 21st century.

With the founding of Receeda GmbH in 2018, it was important to me to precisely cover these areas by developing new and innovative energy and mobility concepts and thus help to shape an attractive and livable future.

In addition to my professional activities, I am enthusiastic in cultural topics. My engagement there includes the Franco-German cultural exchange and the support of music projects in organizational and on-stage assignments. I am also fascinated by culinary delicacies, so that I have, for example, gone on a journey of pleasure and discovery in many regions of France.