International Project Experience

Automotive - Market Launch
  • Responsible management of product launches in several European markets
  • Market launch preparations in China, Japan and the USA
  • Adaptation of sales processes for the integration of new electric mobility products and services
  • Development and implementation of training measures for sales forces and customer support
  • Support in the creation of communication measures such as press releases and storyboards for product movies
Automotive - Business Development
  • Conception of intelligent charging solutions and charging services for electrified vehicles
  • Product management of innovative energy services for electrified vehicles
  • Support for the development of partner products, e.g. the connection of EV and home charging infrastructure in home energy management systems
  • Conception and implementation support for new EV applications, e.g. anticipatory solar charging and commercialization of bundled flexibilities on the energy market
Utilities - Product Portfolio Management
  • Management of EVSE product portfolio for private and public charging in European markets
  • Role as central business partner for electric mobility products towards national sales companies
  • Conception of energy services from the interaction of electric vehicles and buildings, e.g. energy management systems and connected components
Utilities - Market Analyses
  • Switzerland: study to analyze significant factors influencing the development of electric mobility in DE & AT in the context of European framework conditions
  • Slovakia: two studies on business models in electric mobility for energy suppliers
  • EU, USA, China: market potential analysis for electric mobility services in connection with photovoltaics, home storage and flexible electricity tariffs for different target customer groups
Start-up Smart Energy Provider
  • Strategic support in business segment development for EV fleet products and comprehensive customer solutions (B2B & B2C)
  • Electric mobility product portfolio development from a smart energy/ EMS perspective
  • Conception of smart energy/ smart home applications in connection with EV, EVSE, PV, HESS
  • Analyses on market potentials and requirements analysis for modular EV-EMS solutions in defined B2B customer groups

Market Experience


Extensive market knowledge in European markets as well as USA, China, Japan


Taking into account cultural aspects, mindsets and requirements in product development and design


Integration and interaction of new mobility and new energy, taking into account individual market developments


Determining the potential success of specific use cases in relation to concrete target markets

Our Highlights

Development of sales strategies depending on the product and target markets
Make/ Buy strategies for required components
Risk hedging through competition analysis and experience (success & fail) for new use cases
Demand-oriented supply of market knowledge and partner network
Customer and target market oriented use case development
Development of communication and marketing content from press releases to movie storyboards