Ecosystems & Industries


The mobility transition is underway. In addition to the dawn of electric mobility, customer expectations and value creation are changing fundamentally. As a result, the automation and the digitalization of driving experience is even more demanding. Hence, a rising number of companies from various industries are seeking their place in the new mobility market.

Receeda GmbH accompanies existing and new market participants in the development of new business fields as well as the conversion and expansion of existing product areas, from strategic planning to operational implementation.


A paradigm shift is taking place in the energy industry. Away from generation planning, towards intelligent consumption control. The spread of renewable energy is opening up many new challenges, but also opportunities in innovative business models via connected products such as controllable consumers and storage systems.

Receeda GmbH supports established utilities and energy supply companies, smart energy providers as well as emerging energy market participants in rethinking the energy world.


Mobility and energy change go hand in hand, supported by the opportunities offered by progressive digitalization. Intelligent and connected application concepts provide new possibilities for user interaction, energy efficiency, increased levels of self-sufficiency and a new level of sustainability. This opens up new application cases and cross-sector business models.

Receeda GmbH provides support in the conception, creation, and implementation of new ideas for the networking of electric mobility and intelligent energy services.

Automobile Manufacturers
  • Mobility change in the field of electric mobility, autonomous driving, and the digitalization of the driving experience
  • Product strategy for new mobility concepts and an innovative customer experience
  • Product design and management in electric mobility for vehicles and their ecosystems
  • Intelligent services for electrified vehicles and related after sales products
  • Use of Android Automotive as a platform for new application opportunities from the liberalization of vehicle data
Fleet Operator
  • Requirements, challenges and new applications resulting from the conversion of vehicle fleets to partially and fully electric vehicles
  • Development of new value-adding services for EV fleet customers through the inclusion of energy management components
  • Use of interconnected charging infrastructure for cost controlling, more efficient use and reduction of investment costs
  • Strategic alignment of the vehicle portfolio based on brand-specific advantages with possible networking/data provision and availability of digital services relevant for fleet applications
Charging Infrastructure Manufacturers and Operators
  • New use cases from the increasing liberalization of in-car applications and the
    availability of vehicle data e.g. under AOSP
  • Success & fail: competition analysis and evaluation of success and failure factors to
    minimize development and commercialization risks for planned products and
  • Make-or-buy: provision of international market knowledge on existing solution
    portfolios for evaluation of targeted use cases
Digital Service Provider
  • Opportunities for third-party providers regarding digital services for electrified vehicles
  • Evaluation of interfaces and data availability for (third-party) applications for various OEMs
  • Android Automotive: value-added services from the liberalization of in-car applications and through newly available of vehicle data
Energy Industry
  • Innovative power tariff models for connected/controllable consumers and storage
  • Margin optimization using price signals for spot market integration of controllable
  • Incentive-controlled consumption shifting for load curve smoothing/ peak shaving
Power Network Operator
  • Network load optimization via controllable consumers and storage (uni- & bidirectional)
  • Development of optimization strategies under consideration of regulatory conditions
  • Implementation of load monitoring in the distribution network for anticipating changes, e.g. from the increasing number of EV charging points
Energy Service Provider
  • Market- and demand-oriented use case development, e.g. modular integration of consumers, storage, PV etc.
  • Consideration of market spread and growth rates for new use cases to optimize the portfolio offer
  • Use of increasing communication interface and protocol standardization e.g. to extend existing applications or widen the range of compatible components
Provider Photovoltaic/ Storage/ EMS
  • Connected and modular applications of photovoltaic systems (PV), energy storage (HESS), energy management systems (EMS) and connected consumers (EV/ heat pumps/ air conditioning etc.)
  • Specific use case development e.g. for PV+storage or EMS+X components, depending on individual customer portfolio and forecasted market development
Smart Energy/ Connected Solutions
  • Modular energy management solutions with multiple components and customer group-specific perspectives
  • Market- and demand-oriented use case development, e.g. successive integration of consumers, storage, PV etc., considering market spread and growth rates
  • Use of increasing communication interface and protocol standardization, e.g. PLC in electric vehicles
Smart Home/ Building Technology
  • Development of individual sales strategies, depending on different market speeds
  • Market- and demand-oriented use case development, e.g. successive integration of consumers, storage, PV etc.
  • Modular energy management solutions with multiple components and customer group-specific perspectives
  • Use of increasing communication interface and protocol standardization
Smart City/ Cities/ Municipalities
  • Concept development for sustainable mobility and energy solutions for citizens and companies to achieve e.g. political objectives and legal requirements
  • Consideration of local conditions and requirements in the design of modular application scenarios
  • Support in the operative solution development and implementation
Politics/ State Institutions
  • Decentralized and sustainable energy supply, e.g. increase regional energy self-sufficiency
  • Conceptual support for energy system transformation with regard to efficiency, smart energy and flexibilization
  • Development of support programs and focused incentive systems e.g. for local energy ecosystems
  • System integration of renewables for reliable supply based on fluctuating generation

Expertise & Offer

We develop strategies and specific use cases for new products and services in the fields of mobility and smart energy within a digital environment. We perform this for our clients in the automotive, energy, construction and digital services sectors as well as for cities/municipalities, state institutions and politics.

Innovative Product Development

We provide support in all phases of the project, from conceptual design, realization and implementation to support during the commercialization phase. 

Methodically, we orient ourselves to the project culture of our clients.

Depending on the specifics of the project, we use the entire range of agile methods, classic project management modules, and Lean Six Sigma process culture. We combine their modules and tools to ensure the success of the project.

Strategy &

Product Strategy
  • Development of a product vision
  • Support of the strategic process
  • Business field & business model development
Product Planning
  • Core business evaluation
  • Target market-specific product and service individualization
  • Potential-based prioritization in product portfolio planning
Business Development
  • Creation of business plan
  • Profitability planning
  • Competitor analysis

Design &

  • Development of the functional product design
  • Creation of storyboards and user journeys
  • Customer group-specific design based on defined personas
Implementation/ Realization
  • Requirement management
  • Creation of a realization roadmap including
    • Make-or-buy analyses
    • Partnering process
  • Development of distribution channels
  • Implementation management
  • Support in the preparation of legally compliant product descriptions and required legal documentation (no legal advice)
Partner Management
  • Partner search & evaluation
  • Implementation of the selection process
  • Support in contracting process (no legal advice)

Product Start &

Rollout Management
  • Responsible conduction and monitoring of go-to-market activities
  • Experience with multinational market launches
  • Integration of new products into existing sales processes
  • Training concept for physical and web-based trainings
  • Creation of training documents
  • Responsible steering of third-party agencies e.g. for the creation of web-based training
  • Implementation of trainings
  • Adaptation of sales processes for new products and services
  • Cooperation in the development of product measures and functional updates
  • Support for the sunset process at the end of the product life cycle

Marketing &

Creation & Design
  • Design and/or editing of press communication
  • Formulation of marketing texts and advertising messages
  • Scripting of product movies
  • Responsible steering of third-party agencies e.g. for the design and implementation of artwork and movies
Target Market Orientation
  • Providing our market experience in Europe, North America and Asia for energy-related and mobility-related products and services
  • Implementation of panels and ad-hoc market assessments for new use cases
  • Consideration of individual conditions in the target markets in terms of applicability
    and market potential for specific applications
Target Customer Orientation
  • Inclusion of target customer group preferences and requirements
  • Analysis of existing and prospectively emerging customer segments per target market
  • Development of sales messages per customer group